Our Story

Between 12 and 20 hours every day, our pets are napping, dozing, drowsing, lounging, snoozing, and dreaming. All that rest—and the different forms it takes—is natural and necessary for our pets to live happy, healthy lives.

When we bring dogs and cats into our families, we make a few basic promises: to protect them, to provide wholesome nutrition, and to ensure high-quality rest. Ensuring high-quality rest is the reason Birdsong exists. Ensuring high-quality rest is what drives our research and fills our waking hours (and sometimes our dreams!). Ensuring high-quality rest is the reason that we take every step possible to deliver expertly crafted pet beds for every type of sleeper and every type of sleep.

From playful puppy to picky cat; exotic breed to unknown mix; small, medium, or
incredibly large, there’s a Birdsong bed for every pet. For deep sleeps, soft snuggles, and therapeutic naps, Birdsong is the rest our pets need and the comfort our pets deserve.

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