I have received my bed and removed it from packaging. The bed didn’t rise to its full size. What should I do?

We vacuum-pack most of our beds to save on the shipping costs. If a bed has stayed in the storage for too long, it is possible that the filling gets clumped. In this case, we suggest that you take the fillers out and fluff them up in a dryer machine. Run the dryer on air-dry or low heat and use dryer balls to help fluff up better. You can use tennis balls instead if you don’t have dryer balls.

Are PLS Pet and Birdsong brands owned by the same company?

Yes. We own both PLS Pet and Birdsong brands. We have been using the PLS Pet brand since 2015.

What makes an orthopedic dog bed orthopedic?

An orthopedic dog bed is a bed that has enough support for dogs that the bed is designed for. That is, a specific size of a bed must be firm enough to support the weight of the dog that it is recommended for. Orthopedic dog beds do not crush under the weight of a dog, they provide even firm support. Even support ensures there are no pressure points, where a part of dog’s body is under more pressure, straining the dog’s spine or other joints.

Are PLS Birdsong dog beds washable?

Yes. Most of our beds have removable covers. You can remove the covers and wash them in a washing machine. The fillers may also be washed. Some of our beds have parts whose covers are not removable. In that case, it is also safe to wash that part without removing the cover. All of our fabrics are safe for machine-wash.

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