This Could Be The Cutest Way To Cure Your Dog's Anxiety!

This Could Be The Cutest Way To Cure Your Dog's Anxiety!

You probably think your dog feels pretty safe at home. After all, why wouldn’t he, surrounded by his family, in familiar surroundings? Sadly, too many dog owners make this same assumption on a daily basis, and it’s one of the leading reasons why separation anxiety in dogs is so rife these days.

But that’s not to say the issue can’t be resolved. In fact, the solution can be amazingly simple in many cases. To get to the bottom of this issue, it’s time to start thinking like your dog.

Home is where the anguish is (but not all the time)

For your dog, home isn’t always the safe place you as a human may feel it is. In fact, sometimes it can feel pretty lonely. Even scary at times.

Aside from setting up a hidden camera, there’s no way you can tell what exactly your dog gets up to when you leave him alone. The truth is, unless he’s extremely laid back, chances are he’s going to display some signs of separation anxiety. Destructiveness, barking, salivating, inappropriate toileting, vomiting, and pacing are all signs of an anxious dog. The worrying thing is, not all of these behaviors are noticeable after the event - so your dog may be suffering in silence.

If you consider how much your dog idolizes you, draws comfort from your presence and relies on your affection when you’re around, then imagine how alone he feels when you leave him (as far as he’s concerned, possibly never to return), you can begin to see the issue here.

Burrowing is your dog's way of making a comfort blanket

You’ve probably never thought about it, but that upturned sofa cushion, messy duvet or torn up carpet may just be your dog trying to make himself feel better in your absence.

Burrowing may seem odd to you, but for many dogs, it’s part of their instinct. While you may find their sofa-diving shenanigans funny (or frustrating, depending on how house proud you happen to be), as far as your dog’s concerned, it’s quite essential they perform this seemingly wacky behavior in order to feel safe.

The truth is, a huge proportion of dogs like to burrow. It helps them to feel warm, cozy and secure. As a child, did you ever sit with your back to the wall so the ‘ghosts’ couldn’t get behind you? Well, that’s exactly what your dog’s trying to do when he tries to make himself a ‘dog cave’.

Dog trainers have understood this for years. It’s the very reason some recommend reassuring your dog by creating a ‘den’ using a crate and blankets. But we think that’s a little harsh. Who wants to sleep in a cage, after all?

Creating a safe place for your dog

Creating a ‘dog cave’ can offer instant relief to a dog suffering from separation anxiety, but that’s not the only benefit an enclosed dog bed can bring.

Even when you’re at home with your dog, a dog cave bed can help him to feel safer during fireworks, thunderstorms and even when he’s not feeling well. It can be hard for owners to accept, but sometimes a cuddle isn’t what your dog wants - it’s a safe, dark place to hide. It’s nothing personal, it’s just their nature.

Creating (or purchasing) a dog cave bed gives your dog the best of both worlds. Not only can they freely roam when they feel safe to, but they can also burrow when they feel they need the extra security.

A simple cardboard box can do the trick temporarily, but be prepared to replace this on a regular basis as it won’t be washable, and it could become smelly quite quickly. Also, take care that your dog doesn’t decide to ‘eat’ the cardboard. Some dogs develop a taste for the brown stuff. If this happens, take the bed away immediately. Blocked intestines are not something your dog wants or needs!

You’ll need to line the box of course. Otherwise, it’s just a cold, barren box. It can be a bit of a challenge to find something washable, cozy and indestructible. It’s not likely you’ll be able to find something which sticks to the roof of the box - and even if you do, there’s a chance it could fall over your dogs head, causing him to panic and end up stuck inside the box while you’re not around. Bear this in mind when choosing your lining.

Sounds like a lot of hard work?

Treat your dog to a cuddle dog cave

At PLS Birdsong, we’ve created a range of cuddle dog caves which are safe, washable, ultra cozy and genuinely affordable.

A fraction of the price of similar cozy cave dog beds available from other retailers, our cuddle dog caves have been rated 5 stars by hundreds of buyers on our Amazon store.

We currently offer 4 different styles of cuddle dog caves:

The Original Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed


This style is great for burrowers. The top portion doesn’t stay erect on its own. Instead, it flops down over your dog, creating a warm, safe haven for him. If your dog is a duvet diver, this one’s for him!

Priced from $34.90. Check availability >

The Pointy Dog Cave Bed

If your dog changes his mind as much as you throw his ball, don’t worry - the pointy dog cave bed is perfect for him. We all know that some days it’s just too hot for the full duvet. That’s why this one comes with the option of being a regular plush bed one minute, and a cozy cave the next.

Priced from $36.90. Check availability >

The Pet Tent Velvet Cuddle Bed

For the dog who loves to ‘circle and curl’ to create their favorite sleeping space, the pet tent is a dream come true. It’s just the right shape to do exactly that. And he can still poke his head out the front door if he likes to keep an eye on the world outside.

Priced from $39.80. Check availability >

The Slipper Cuddle Bed

Some dogs like their bums firmly wiggled into the back of their cave bed (remember those ghosts?). The slipper cuddle bed lets them feel completely at ease with their entire body encased in warm, fuzzy softness. Bliss!

Priced from $39.80. Check availability >

Customer reviews

Dogs and their owners are loving our dog cave beds. Here’s just a glimpse of what they have to say:

“She loves it! We have a little weenie dog and she loves to snuggle a burrow into everything. In the past, she used to try and use pillows or piled up blankets and she didn't really like open-air beds. This is perfect for the burrowing snuggly dog. When my boyfriend and I are on the computer or busy she just curls up into the bed to sleep. It also seems to be her safe space and place to relieve anxiety during storms. It's a very very soft fleece material, very warm and if it was human-sized, I’d probably snuggle into it too honestly.” - Amazon customer (The Original Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed)

“This is the softest, most well-made bed I have had for my small dogs.. It's like a blanket and bed all in one. My pets just love it.. I may have to order a few more!” - Linda Roman / Amazon (The Slipper Cuddle Bed)

And finally, a note to your dog...

Warning - If the cat spots this, it’s likely you’ll be relegated back to the sofa. If you have a cat brother or sister, ask your human to buy a spare!

All of our cuddle dog caves can be found at our Amazon store.

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