Best tips for picking the perfect pet bed


It’s a fact that pet owners always want to provide only the best care for their four-legged friends. However, picking the right pet bed can sometimes put you in a confusion since there’re hundreds of choices.

Every dog or a cat deserves to have its own sleeping place where will get an appropriate rest. No matter how they’ll desperately try to sneak into your bed, they simply need to have a very own ‘place for chilling’.

Here are some tips that you should take into account when picking the right bed for your pet:


Pet’s needs

The main rule when picking the right dog or cat bed is to observe their needs. There are pets who like to stretch out, roll or snuggle up. Depending on your dog’s age, breed and how your pet loves to sleep, you’ll get the answer if he/she needs a bed with backrests to lean on. We also recommend purchasing a machine washable dog bed so that you can regularly keep your dog’s sleeping space clean.

1. Pillow beds

If you’re a dog owner of a larger dog breed, or your pup simply likes to stretch out in a ‘frog pose’, then this is the perfect bed for your pooch. This type of bed is also a great solution for dogs who like to change the place of sleeping.

2. Bolster dog beds (Donut and Nest beds)

Bolster dog beds or Nest/Donut-looking beds are specially designed for dogs who like to snuggle up and feel secure. Nest beds are one of the best selling types of dog beds since they are available in different fabrics, sizes and have an open front side for the easier entrance.  Bolster dog beds can also be made with an orthopedic mattress in order to relieve your dog’s health issues (arthritis, painful joints, hip dysplasia, old age). Check our assortment of Bolster dog beds on the following link: https://www.birdsongpet.com/collections/bolster-dog-beds

3. Covered Dog Beds

Tent or cave type of dog beds provides your dog the feeling of security and is great for dogs that enjoy nestling under covers. If your four-legged fellow likes to sleep under your feet, then he will definitely adore his new cave bed. It fulfills all your dog’s needs and provides them the cozy feeling. Check our assortment of cave dog beds on this link: https://www.birdsongpet.com/collections/cuddle-dog-beds


Pet’s age

Another special need you should also take into account is your pet’s age. If you own an older dog, then you might get an orthopedic bed that will alleviate its sore joints and arthritis. Memory foam beds are highly recommended for pets with those kinds of issues since they contour to your dog’s back. Not only they support your pet’s whole body but are also resistant to odors.  Check our best selling orthopedic dog beds on this link: https://www.birdsongpet.com/collections/bolster-dog-beds


Pet’s size

The size of your pet will also tell you whether you need to get a bigger or smaller bed. It would be best to measure your dog while sleeping to get the preferable measures of bed.

Choose the right material

It’s extremely important to choose a high-quality material for your pet’s bed, otherwise, it may refuse to sleep on it. Imagine that you need to sleep on an uncomfortable bed- it certainly wouldn’t be a good idea! High-quality dog and cat beds are made from fabrics that are resistant to scratching and chewing. Pet bed fabrics need to be water-resistant and to provide a protection to the filling inside. Waterproof bed covers are especially important if you own an older and incontinent dog/cat. For dogs and cats that are prone to allergies, there are also beds made from hypoallergenic fabrics.


Choose the right place

Choosing the place where your dog or cat will spend most of their time is your last step. If you’re a cat owner, then you might put a pet bed on a smaller table next to the window. In case you own a dog, then you’ll probably want your dog to sleep in your bedroom or living room.


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