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Well-made beds for well-loved pets

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Feb 07, 2018
Welcome Home Oscar

You’ve put a lot of thought into decorating your home. The color scheme, furniture, and artwork were carefully chosen to reflect your personal style.

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I’m glad the dogs have the option to sleep on top or inside—the bed is extremely flexible. The dogs enjoy rearranging the plush interior pillow or the furry outside to their satisfaction.

She loves it! we have a little weenie dog and she loves to snuggle a burrow into everything. In the past she used to try and use pillows or piled up blankets and she didnt really like open air beds.

When he is in there he looks like he is in ecstasy, like he just got the best massage of his life and doesn't ever want to move.

Great quality. Insanely soft. Pup loves to sleep in and even on top of it like a cushy bed. 5 stars! Medium was perfect for my Boston Terrier.

I love it and my two beagles love it! They haven’t started fighting over it yet, that I know of but as soon as they fight will be ordering a new one!

If the dog was writing a review, he’d likely complain that the bed chased him when he tried to run off with the (attached) included toy.

This bed allows both of my dogs who like to lay together but each have a "Don't touch me!" attitude!

My pitbull is 70 pounds and I could have ordered a smaller size but she loves it.

Our puppy loves this bed, easy to wash.

I love that it’s big enough and very comfortable for my 4-legged girl!

Enough space for me and for my kid hoomans ??

Me and my doggie doll lulling myself to sleep.

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