Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave
Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave
Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave
Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave
Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave
Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave
Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave
Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave

Birdsong Pointy Dog Cave


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Product description

Does your dog frequently hide under the sheets... or... dig away at the carpet?

As innocent or cute as it may seem... this could be the symptoms of a much larger problem.

This is called burrowing. 

The reason why dogs burrow may come as a shock to you... because many people perceive it as "doggy playtime."

But that's not the case.

In fact, it's actually a reaction that dogs have when they are suffering from a spell of separation anxiety.

Left untreated, and you may face the risk of coming home to your couch or carpet being chewed up. Or worse... somebody might get bitten.

And believe me, this issue is more widespread than you may think.

In fact, up to 67% of dogs suffer from severe spells of anxiety every time their owner leaves the home.

That means your pup could be terrified without you even realizing it.

Buying pet supplements won't fix this issue.

Neither will taking your dog for more walks.

The way to fixing your pup's separation anxiety may seem silly at first... but once you trace the solution back to your pups natural instincts... it instantly makes perfect sense.

Introducing "The Pointy Dog Cave"... Otherwise Known As The "Separation Anxiety Killer"

Designed to mimic the shape of a womb, this velvety pointy cave helps relieve your dogs separation anxiety using a psychological "hack."

You see, because the pointy cave has a pointed hood... it will give your pup a sense of warmth and comfort... similar to what they felt while in their mother's tummy.

You know, before they were the cute little puppy that you know so well and adore.

Here's some more ways that this cuddle cave can help:

  • Size small cuddle dog bed is 17 by 17 inches.It is recommended for dogs and cats upto 15 lbs. It is recommended for cats and dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Shih Tzu, Italian greyhounds and border terriers.
  • Size medium cuddle dog bed is 22 by 22 inches. It is recommended for pets upto 25 lbs. It is recommended for breeds such as pugs, Jack Russel terriers,and Boston terriers.
  • Size large cuddle dog bed is 28 by 28 inches. It is recommended for dogs upto 35 lbs. It is recommended for breeds such as Cardigan Welsh corgis, Cocker spaniels, bull terriers, Brittany spaniels and French bulldogs.
  • Two modes: Use as a regular plush without the top or zip the top on and use a soft dog house
  • Features ultra-plush snuggle faux fur fabric inside and stylish suede fabric outside.
  • Completely Washable. Durable for years of use. Soft. Cozy.
  • Give your pet a personal space, where they can feel secure. Prime available.

Why You Should Buy With Us:

  • We offer a risk-free 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Tracking numbers provided on every order.
  • Safe payments via VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, AMEX, Google Pay.
  • Real people at our helpdesk.
  • FREE shipping, no import fees or taxes.

 Your Bullet Proof Protection

If, by the 90th day of using this dog bed, your pet has flattened it... or... if you determine that the material has lost its initial softness, I want you to write in and tell me and I'll gladly refund your entire purchase on the spot -- no questions asked.

On the other hand, if this incredibly plush and cute dog bed produces incredible results for your puppy, I want you to not only write in to tell me about it -- but tell your friends too!

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